Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Marcelino from Korea
Last weekend a college friend from Korea, Marcelino, made it to Ingolstadt with his girlfriend. He was the one who helped me most over there, showing us around, organizing a mobile contract, helping us getting a bank account etc.. So now it was my turn to give back something and I showed them around town a bit, making it to the Altmuehl valley, to Eichstaett and into several Biergarten (beer gardens). They left yesterday morning to continue their Europe trip. - Oh, and thanx for the soju & co you brought. I'll have some more happy moments remembering Korea.

PS to the Tour de France: Well, the tour is over, Jan won the second place for the 5th time. But if you see his overall results at the tour (one 1st place, five 2nd places), it is still a phantastic career and enough to make him a hero.

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