Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Between Cleverness & StupidityJulia on the green during our Saturday hike
I went visiting Julia in Stuttgart the past weekend. Friday watched Charlie's Angel's: Full Throttle in the Corso-Cinema in Vaihingen. Thanks to the U.S. Army base nearby it shows all new movies in the original language and Julia lives just some 300 metres away. Really cool. On Saturday we intended to get up early to drive to Lichtenstein (do not mistake it for Liechtenstein) in the middle of the Swabian Alb. We did not get up early, but we drove there anyway. After visiting the Lichtenstein castle, which is nicely situated on the edge of a mountain cliff, we started on a 18-km-hiking tour to the Bärenhöhle (bear cave) and the Nebelhöhle (fog cave). Our path led us directly over a golf course, through nice valleys and over some 800 m high mountains. We arrvied back at the castle around 7:30 pm before returning to Stuttgart and fading out the beautiful day with a barbecue on the balcony.

Sunday is a rest day, so we slept until after noon, had a late and long breakfest and just relaxed in the sun. Later around 7 pm, when it started cooling down a bit we took our skates and drove to the Rosenthal-park next to the botanical garden. This park itself is a paradise for skaters, but the best is that it is connected to the three castle gardens which lead directly to the city centre. Alltogether they accumulate to several kilometres of perfect skating lanes in a nice surrounding (small lakes, rivers, bridges, pubs, animals from the zoo...) including flat as well as hilly terrain. I wish Ingolstadt had the same.

Yesterday I went back to Ingolstadt, an ever interesting odyssee. This time I was so clever to buy my train ticket in Stuttgart-Vaihingen instead of Stuttgart-Central-Station to save the city train fare which is included then. But my cleverness was undermined by my stupidity. Don't ask me how, but a ticket definitely can get lost on a 10 km train ride, especially if it's Jolle taking care of. So I had no chance but to buy a new ticket at the central station. Surprisingly the new ticket was cheaper and my new schedule shorter than at first. These fucking staff in Vaihingen had sold me complete crap telling me of trains not running which I later went on. I love the Deutsche Bahn. I never gets boring. But I'll come back one day. And then...

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