Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Monday killing trip
Following another night of fighting for Egypt I woke up pretty early to bring my mom to her work in the hospital because I needed the car for the day. At noon my granny went to the train station to return to Thuringia and I left for Rostock. It's about an hour drive through villages with beautiful avenues as well as on the brand new Baltic Sea freeway.

I ate lunch in the old hanseatic city centre which seems to change its face every time I come here. There has been done so much restoration and construction work since my family left Rostock eight years ago. It's fascinating.

A little later I picked up my cousins Friedemann and Christian which both study here and we went to Warnemünde at the Baltic Sea. It's the mid of summer and the only time I'll be here for this year so I wanted to go swimming, no matter what. The sea was around 19 to 20°C and therefore warmer than the outside. So we stayed in the water for quite a while. It's been so nice. Then the rain stopped and we went to the pier at the old harbor to eat something.

Later I brought them back home and went to my grandparents in the southern part of the city. I stayed with them til 11pm watching photos, eating and talking. Then I hit the road to go back to Wittenförden.

Rescued toad (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)As soon as I left the freeway it was a terrible drive. I couldn't see much as the highways in this rural area are ligned by trees on both sides and are therefore very dark. Moreover it was raining and the toads (or frogs) have been on their way to somewhere. There have been thousands of them bouncing over the highway and you couldn't avoid killing dozens of them. It's an awful feeling to be such a cruel killer. But what can you do!

We also have lots of toads getting lost in our basement and dying for lack of water and food. But from time to time we find these cute animals early enough and rescue them like the little one on the picture which was taken seconds before his return to freedom on Sunday evening.

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