Thursday, August 22, 2002

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What a phantastic start into the season. After two rounds my soccer club, the FC Hansa Rostock, is on second place in the German premier league called Bundesliga, followed by Schalke 04 and FC Bayern Munich. The first match in Munich was won with 2:0 as well as the second match at home against 1.FC Nuremberg. Hansa Rostock, which was long time the only first class club from East Germany had always problems to stay in the premier league. But now the hope for a better season has been aroused by these first results. If we can win the coming Saturday match in Cottbus against the second Bundesliga team from East Germany, it will be a record start in the clubs history. Let's hope for it!

If you're interested in soccer you better visit as they provide results from all major leagues worldwide and also show interesting club statistics. Hansa's players are an average 26-year-old ethnic mix of 8 countries whereas 14 are coming from Germany and 6 from Sweden. Why so many Swedish players? Well, I guess they're very good and quite cheap on the transfer list. But if you count for the fact that parts of Mecklenburg, the North-German state Rostock is situated in, has once been under Swedish rule (from 1648 til 1805), the close relationship might be just natural. Sometimes Mecklenburg is ironically called South Sweden.

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