Saturday, August 3, 2002

Caesar vs. Cleopatra
Butterfly in our garden (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)On Saturday we made a family day, getting up late and staying in the garden all day playing badminton, taking photos of flowers and butterflies as well as trying out a new board game called "Cesar vs. Cleopatra". It's a strategy card game for 2 people with a lot of strategy but also some amount of luck in it.

This plant on the picture has dozens of butterflies at all times on it. They seem to love it. The photo with the bee is taken in the garden. I wanted to try my macro function and it worked out pretty well I think.

In the evening my mom and me went inline skating at the industrial park in our village. There is a nice and straight street going downhill where you can gather quite a lot of speed. The nigth was under the shadow of Cesar's and Cleopatras's war in Egypt. Teresa didn't want to stop as she was losing most of the times.
Flower and bee in our garden (&copy 2002 by Johannes Beck)

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