Monday, August 12, 2002

Old district of Passau (&copy 2002 by ddp)Europe under water
It was raining the whole night, so I went to the danube river in Ingolstadt today. Some waterside paths are flooded, but it's not really critical here in Ingolstadt as we have two weirs near the city where they can control the water level of the river. Other cities in Bavaria and Austria have more to stand. On the left photo you can see the old town district of Passau where I have been some weeks ago. It's already flooded and the worst is still to come. They expect a water level of 10,50 metres, the highest in over fifty years.

Even worse is the situation in Austria where some villages are cut off by flooded streets or mudslides as you can see at the pic below. In South Russia more than 50 people died already in the newest floods. Let's hope the weather is getting better. We want our summer back.

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