Friday, April 25, 2003

The last week
My mind was quite busy with my own thesis problems this week, but now a decision has made (see above). So whatt else did I do? I stayed in Ingolstadt for the Easter Holiday, making some sport and reading the last of the three new books I ordered from amazon a while ago about. It is about a North Korean defector, who has been sent to a labor camp at the age of 9 (see the book). An incredible story.

Last Saturday I went to Munich to buy new running shoes. My old ones were worn out, I already had knee problems for a while. I probably found the best running shoe shop on the world, led by two youngsters with a medicine degree who offer professional advice, making video analysis of your running style and so on. I've got a shoe fitting for my needs for only 110 Euro, quite a good deal regarding the good consulting. It's a Puma Extol II special edition Jamaika sporting a trendy yellow-green (you should see me in this, wow :) ). And the pain vanished, I checked it with a 15 km run some days later.

Today in the morning Geor, Kai and me made a bike trip to an electronic market some 25 km out of town which holds a special sale over the weekend. It was a nice trip along the river Danube.

Plans for the weekend? Nothing yet except reading papers.

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