Sunday, April 6, 2003

The Fatal Bet
During our conversation at the brunch we arrived at the topic of sport and fitness. Kai and George again tried to establish reasons why I am faster at running. The hitting argument was that they both weight over 30 kg more. Well, this makes a bit of sense. So I don't know how, but finally we came up with a bet: Kai and me will run two times around the Baggersee (10,6 km) and the one who is fastest gets a crate of beer. Well, normally this wouldn't be difficult for me to win, but the fatal condition was that I run with his weight. So I packed 30 kg into my big backpack, almost half the weight of my body. When lifting up the backpack the first time, I became to know the meaning of 30 kg. Oh my god!

So it was no surprise that Kai was forward-pressing after just 2 km of running together. I had a hard time til the end, composing a mixture of fast walking and slow running. The problem was that the weight was placed too low in the backpack, and all in one place. Therefor I had to walk/run quite bend forward, with a tottering backpack. I can tell you, it was no fun. And the result: Kai won by an edge, but a very big one. I needed 1:26 hours for the 10,6 km, whereas Kai already arrived after one hour and some minutes. Even under optimal conditions I wouldn't have won, 30 kg is not just more than I imagined. It's more than enough for carrying around and far too much for running with it. So in this context, I was quite happy with the time.

Arrived at home I couldn't do much more than sitting in my camping chair taking a foot massage bath and watching TV, changing positions every minute. Some things are really hurting after this event. But therefor the overal betting statistic between Kai and me is now one to one, if you remember the last bicycle bet that I won.

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