Sunday, May 3, 2009

Odenwald Hike with Christian and Imke

The Odenwald is a small mountain range just 20 km away from Mannheim. We went the Neckar valley upstream passing Heidelberg driving to Neckargerach for a small morning hike with Christian and Imke.

Starting in the small town we followed the river for a while before hiking in the meadows and forest of the Odenwald.

&copy 2009 by Jolle

On the way back to the Neckar valley we followed down the Margarethen gorge which offers a lot of cascading waterfalls. It is quite steep and luckily the weather was dry and sunny, otherwise this would have been a slippery path.

&copy 2009 by Jolle

The view was astonishing when we finally came out of the gorge and had "our" river back. The village on the photo is Guttenbach.

&copy 2009 by Jolle

Unfortunately I missed the photo of all 4 of us on the bench. Mine is far too overexposed. I should finish the photo book before playing around with my Nikon D90.

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