Saturday, January 20, 2007

Niagara Falls

Wednesday I made a day trip to the Niagara Falls. Originally I didn't plan to go there, as I have been there already some years ago. But I couldn't stand to be so near and not seeing it, so I just drove there.

&copy 2007 by Jolle
Jolle, happy about the cold weather, that finally arrived

And let me say, it was worth it. I was extremely lucky cause that day the winter finally arrived with full power here. It was snowing heavily and the night before there has been some ice rain, so that everything, from trees to traffic lights, has been covered by a centimeter of ice. It looked awesome.

&copy 2007 by Jolle
Wine trees covered in ice near the Ontario lake

So driving in the snow with that four-wheel Dodge pickup was a lot of fun, I chose a lot of seasonal backroads, which are not maintained during the winter.

&copy 2007 by Jolle
My Dodge Dakota SLT Pickup from Enterprise Car Rental, a 260 PS V8 4x4 machine. Roaarrrr!

The Niagara Falls looked also great with all the snow and the ice. Moreover I have been one of the very few tourists who have been there. The town looked like a ghost town and where normally thousands of tourist walk around every day, there have been 10 or 20. Almost unbelievable.

And at night they lighten the falls in different colours, that are changing. Awesome.

&copy 2007 by Jolle
View of the American Falls, the Canadian Falls can be seen in blue color in the back

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