Friday, January 12, 2007

Adventures in the country

After visiting New York city I arrived at the countryside. I am currently relaxing here, just driving around a bit, going hiking and maybe skiing.

Yesterday I found a village near Ithaca called Mecklenburg, what a surprise. It doesn't contain much more than some houses, a merchant and a post office, but it's a nice place.

&copy 2007 by Jolle

&copy 2007 by Jolle
Mecklenburg Mercantile and my rental car, a Saturn Aura, car of the year 2006 in America. It's a GM brand an the same platform like the Opel Vectra. I got the smaller of the two motor editions, a 3.5 litre machine with 224 PS. ;)

And another good thing you'll find when cruising around are the food exits on the interstates. What a paradise for junk food lovers. :)

&copy 2007 by Jolle

Have fun, Jolle!

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