Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Some marathon statistics

Last weekend I ran the 25th Frankfurt Marathon. It took 4:11 h to finish.

While updating my training log I saw that it has been my 20th marathon since September 2003, when I ran the first one in Berlin.

Of the 20 marathons I ran have been
- 9 flat city courses,
- 9 mountain and/or ultramarathons and
- 2 marathons within an triathlon.

And I never needed over 4 hours for a city course, except last Sunday in Frankfurt. What is also interesting in this context is, that I continuously reduced my overall training kilometers without reducing race kilometers. In 2006 I ran already over 50% of my kilometers in official races (338 out of 641).

So, just one more statistics for the moment. Tonight I have been bowling with collegues and customers. I had an average of around 50 to 70 per game, one of the worst. This is definitely not my sport, even it is a lot of fun. ;)

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