Thursday, October 7, 2004

Run, run, run...

It was almost dark, when I crossed the bridge on the Northern side of the Neumuehler Lake this evening (the photo is from a different day). A lot of concentration was needed on that part of my favorite cross track, as the bridge is in a wretched state and you have to be careful not to fall between the broken planks.

Bridge on the Northern Side of the Neumuehler Lake (&copy 2004 Jolle)

That's why it took until I passed the young black dog - the one that chased me and barked at me until it got used to my smell - that I realized I had not just crossed a shaky bridge but that I had completed 1000 km running this year.

Not that much compared to other Marathoners, but for my first full running year it's quite ok, I guess. And it's not even finished yet. :)

Godd Running, Jolle!

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