Sunday, February 23, 2003

Ski, raclette & ice
Wednesday I went skiing to Lenggries, the home of the two famous German skiiers Katja Seitzinger and Hilde Gerg. It's a nice resort with long slopes, but the ski-lifts aren't the newest and fastest. Anyway, the weather was great and it was a perfect one-day-holiday. I don't have the photos yet Chris made with his camera, but I may show them later.

What else was on my spare time schedule this week? Friday Kai hosted a raclette-party with Maxie, Chris and me. And today we went ice-skating on the frozen lake. There were quite a lot of people but the surface is really uneven by now. So we returned in the evening to remove that spot of bother. We widened an already open hole from a surface marker buoy and distributed lake water on the surface with a bucket and a cooler. Tomorrow we'll return and check the result.

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