Thursday, February 13, 2003

Car Crash
Yesterday I had a small accident with an Audi. After having lunch with Kai, Georg and me stood at a crossing and said good-bye. Cars were waiting in the side road to turn into the main road. Because they were waiting I got on my bike and started crossing the side road (I had the right of way anyway). But just in that moment the Audi-driver seems to have seen has chance coming, too. So - crash - and little Joe was overturned to the side. Well, neither the bike or me was damaged, except some minor bruises, so I denied entering into negotiations with the disoriented driver and let him go.

OK, next time I'll look twice to prevent further damage to my person. As for my bike, the surest way to avoid damage is to leave it home, so I gave it a break today and went to work with inline-skates.

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