Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Winter wonderland

Finally the winter has come back, so I went downhill skiing in Kassel (Hohes Gras) last Friday and cross-country skiing in Willingen on Saturday.

Now this week we also got enough snow at home, around 25 cm this week, so I did a small ski tour around Zennern today.

Our garden covered in snow
On the downside it is much harder to push the stroller through and around the village, but with the help of our 2 little sled dogs we can manage. :)

Matti immediately falls asleep when the stroller moves, like me in the train, car, plane...

Matti in peaceful sleep, covered in 6+ layers while being pushed around Zennern.
 But once coming back, he is in urgent need for food and attention. We are wery lucky that he has a good rhythm of feeding and sleeping, especially for letting us sleep long intervals during night.

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