Thursday, October 15, 2009


I am currently on a business trip to South America to give some training in SAP. The first country is Ecuador. Luckily we arrived 2 days earlier because my suitcase got stuck in Venezuela on the way and arrived a day late. It also gave us time to get accustomed to the climate and hight of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which is situated in a 2800 m high valley framed by the so-called Avenue de la Volcanos, a range of volcanos, the highest ones being almost 6000m. You can feel the thin air as soon as you run some meters.

We felt very welcome and the local team organized a lot to also show us something of Quito and the surroundings.

Please find some photo impressions below.

&copy by Jolle 2009

The Panamericana north of Quito

&copy by Jolle 2009

An Ecuadorian Family Car

&copy by Jolle 2009

Indians at the Cascades of Peguche

&copy by Jolle 2009

Cathedral (Basilica del Vote Nacional)in Quito's old town

&copy by Jolle 2009

The view on the virgin of Quito from a rooftop restaurant in the old town

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