Monday, December 3, 2007

Moving on...

Hi folks,

Some time has passed. I haven't forgot you, but a lot of things happened the last weeks, so some things definitely missed my attention.

Well, the good news first. I moved from my old nice flat in the middle of Mannheim to a new and bigger one at the outskirts of Mannheim. To be exact, my stuff moved already, Astrid and me will follow soon. We have a nice 100m² apartment with a small garden, a perfect set for bbq, so you have to visit us as soon as everything is set in the beginning of 2008.

So the last weeks I was busy organizing the transfer, last weekend my flat was painted and cleaned, so it`s now ready for returing at the end of this week. Thanks again to all of you who helped me moving!!!!

The other good news is, that I will head for West Africa (Guinea) on 19th Dec for a three weeks trip with friends. That's the other reason that needed some attention the last weeks (lots of injections etc.).

The last news also involves a sad one, namely that I won`t see anyone of you during the christmas and New Years break. So I hope for the next year when things have settled a bit and I find time for some visits and hopefully also hosting of some guests. You're all welcome in our new home. There's plenty of space and food for you!

For those of you interested in my job as well. Currently and for the coming months I am in Basel (Switzerland) during the weeks.

See you soon, Jolle!
PS: For those of you who haven`t seen me in a while, my hair grew slightly longer. ;)

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