Sunday, September 9, 2007

Hickory Run State Park

Today I ventured out to see the surroundings of Philly and started in the Hickory Run State Park, a small but nice natural parc with lots of mountains, gorges, rivers, waterfalls...

It also hosts a rare boulder field which looks really incredible. I was lucky to spot a rainbow next to the lonesome tree that made his way through meters of stones to the surface.

&copy 2007 by Jolle

I did some short hikes along the Shades of Death trail and the Stone trail and went to the Hawk Falls. It was hot as hell, over 30° with lots of small but heavy rainshowers, which made it even worse because of the high humidity. But nontheless it was a nice day out in nature with lots of lasting images in my mind.

&copy 2007 by Jolle

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