Monday, July 23, 2007

Perfect conditions

Ladenburg was a great race. Luckily the rain didn't show up and it wasn't so hot like in 2005. Heiko and me jumped off the boat and started in the last row to avoid the trouble at the front. During the 1.8 km I lost sight of him and I left the Neckar after approx. 27 min, on position 300 of 350 starters. It took some time to get out of the neoprene, it is a bit too small for me, I guess.

The bike part was fantastic, I had a lot of fun overtaking around 100 competitors on the way up the two hills. When I arrived back in Ladenburg for last disciplin, the running, I was already on apporx. position 200. I found my rhythm pretty fast, it was a lot better than some weeks ago in Maxdorf, so I could speed up a little and overtake some more 50 people.

At the end I finished in 2:43 h, 5 minutes slower than in 2005. But I am totally happy with the result, regarding the small amount of training compared to that year.

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