Sunday, June 10, 2007

Maxdorf triathlon

I just came home from today's triathlon in Maxdorf, a middle distance with 2 km swimming, 85 km mountaineous cycling and 20 km running. I achieved a time under 6 hours, as I hoped beforehand. 5:51 h was on the clock after finishing under very hot and sunny conditions, not easy. A perfect training sunday for this year's Ostseeman. And I need a lot more of them, as I could feel the lack of training in this season.

Swimming and cycling was good and fun, but the final running part really exhausted me. I definitely have to increase running and cycling in the remaining 8 weeks, or it will be a torture in Gluecksburg. :(

I'll try my very best. See you, Jolle!
PS: The winner needed 3:45 hours, it was Norman Stadler, the current Ironman World-Champion. It's hard to imagine, how anyone can go that fast.

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