Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Germany on its way...

8 more matches to watch and then the World Cup is already history. 3 of the matches are hopefully for the German team. Now it's already amazing what's going on here, an amazing athmosphere and enthusiasm within the people that I have seen last time more than 16 years ago during the times of the German reunion.

The central World Cup festivities in Mannheim are at the Wasserturm just a hundred meters away from my apartment. So even if I wouldn't watch a match, I would know who has won by the cars and flags passing by.

The picture below I took some days ago, the area is beautifully illuminated at night.

The Mannheim Wasserturm (water tower) by night (&copy Johannes Beck 2006)

What's going on apart from the World Cup? Well, currently my parents are here for a visit. We'll drive home tomorrow to Mecklenburg, where I'll spend a weekend and run the famous 5 lake run (

Moreover I have been hiking, biking, swimming, running and canoeing over the last weekends. My apartment has been decorated with curtains and my cousin Lothar and me build a nice loft bed. Maybe more of that later. But nothing promised. Work, weather, world cup, triathlon training and friends are taking most of my time.

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