Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Sun, wind and mountains
The last days I did a lot cycling around Benalup. I went to the beaches in Bolonia, Conil de la Frontiera, Barbate..., I went to the white mountain villages like Arcos de la Frontiera, Alcala de los Gazules, Vejer etc. I also found some time and a very nice track to a lake for running.

Today I planned another day trip on my bike, to the British enclave Gibraltar. I fought against the heave wind from the South-East and against the steep mountains in the Parc National de los Alcornocales, just to find at the border checkpoint, that my passport waits at home for me. What a pity, but this is me. :)

So I had enough time on the way back to explore the scenery Parc National and enjoy the wind, which now came heavily from the back.

On Thursday I will take a night bus to Madrid, and arrive on Friday in Barcelona. Julia arrives on Saturday, so we´ll have a week for sightseeing the city, if I am still able to walk after the marathon.

See you and have a nice time, Jolle!

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