Monday, March 10, 2003

Ebay curiosities
Moreover I wonder again about the motivations behind buyers at ebay. I bought two 128 MB RAM-chips a week ago (one / two) to upgrade my Thinkpad. Therefore I had to kick out the old 64 MB-chip which I decided to sell on ebay. And guess what? 4 days before the end of the auction the price already jumped over the price for the 128 MB-chips. So this is my hot tip of the week - get a free RAM upgrade with the help of ebay. :)

Almost the same happend with Smart Media cards for my digital camera. I still had an old 4 MB-card which originally came with the camera. I offered it with a "buy now"-price of 11 Euro, normally the auction price for a 32 MB-card. But I didn't had to wait for long. It's sold.

Right now I'm checking prices for a soccer game between "Bayern München" and "Hansa Rostock", for which I got two premium tickets from my father last birthday (he won them in a kind of lottery or something). My original plan was to go to the Olympic stadium in Munich with Kai in two weeks, cheering my team (the latter one) to victory. But first, a disaster is more likely than a victory. And second, if these tickets turn out to exceedingly valuable, I'll definitely sell them to an affluent "Bayern München"-fan, spent some Euros at the "Hansa Rostock"-fan shop and keep the rest. This will make everyone happy, a fan, my team - and me.

The only problem is, that I've just found one auction for tickets of this match at ebay. But it features two 10 Euro-tickets and reached already over 50 Euro, two days before termination. I'll wait for the final price before deciding what to do with my two 30 Euro-tickets.

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